Bell Star Pro w/Shield Bike Helmet 2015

Bell Star Pro w/Shield Bike Helmet 2015

The Bell Star Pro Shield Helmet is the breakthrough in Ventilation and Aerodynamic Helmet Technologies that you have been waiting your entire life for. This helmet was inspired by Motorcycle Aerodynamic principles. The Active Aero Technology allows the op ...More information


Faster at all costs—that’s the idea behind the Star Pro, a game-changing aero road cycling helmet that gives riders the power to optimize performance on the fly in ever-changing race situations. Switch from full ventilation on climbs to wind-slicing aerodynamics in the sprints and flats. This groundbreaking Active Aero technology can be engaged with the simple slide of a button. Even the adjustable strap yokes are optimized to save 9 watts in the wind tunnel. It all adds up to an engineered design that’s super comfortable and super fast.

Active Aero™
Cinch Guide™
Float Fit™
Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
Lightweight Straps
Magnetic Zeiss Eye Shield
Overbrow Ventilation™
Progressive Layering™
Star Pro Float Fit™
X-Static® Padding
280 Grams
15 (13 Active Aero)
CE EN1078
CPSC Bicycle