2021 FOX 36 Factory 27.5" 160 E-Bike

2021 FOX 36 Factory 27.5" 160 E-Bike

Here's the thing about mountain bike suspension: they still make hardtails but they never made hardnoses. Forks matter. A lot. The Fox Racing 36 Float Factory GRIP2 Fork is untouched when it comes to lateral stiffness, suppleness, and adjustability. The F ...More information

Vendor: FOX
Model Year: 2021
Collection: 36
Stanchion Finish: Kashima
Chassis: E-Optimized
Wheel Size: 27.5"
Series: Factory
Travel: 160mm
Damper: Grip 2
Adjustment: HSC, LSC, HSR, LSR
Color: Shiny Blk
Decal: Orange/Gloss Blk
Axle: 15QRx110
Steerer: 1.5 T
Rake: 44mm